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peylina chu
Chair of the Board
Vice President
peylina.chu [at]

Where do you live, and where do your companies operate?

I live in the Boston area. My company, Antea USA, operates in the United States; we have 25+ offices located across 20 states.

What is your background and role?

I’m trained as a chemical engineer, which has proven to be an excellent foundation for my 30+ years in consulting and helping clients solve their EHS&S problems. I’ve been fortunate to have worked across many different technical areas during my career. Today, I am a Vice President and lead Antea USA’s Technology Segment investment strategy and implementation, along with leading several key technology client accounts. I also serve as the Executive Director of the Healthcare Plastics Recycling Council, a private technical consortium founded in 2010 and facilitated by Antea USA, focused on increasing recycling of plastics used in the delivery of healthcare.

How long have you been a part of Inogen Alliance and what value does Inogen bring to you as a member?

Antea USA is a founding member of the Inogen Alliance, so we have been a member since its origin in 2001. From the original concept through its operation today, Inogen is our platform for delivering consistent, high-quality global services to our multinational clients. It is a differentiator for us in the tech industry, as well as for our food and beverage, manufacturing, chemical, and oil and gas clients. I believe Inogen is one of the top reasons for our success in the tech industry in recent years.

Personally, I first started working with the Inogen Alliance in 2006 with our Sun Microsystems contract. I come from a multicultural family (Chinese, Malaysian, French, British), so the opportunity to work with, and learn from, Inogen colleagues around the world was exciting and personally rewarding. Today, being part of the Inogen Alliance and working with people around the world is one of the best parts of my job.