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May 4th, 2023: Inogen Alliance is included in the updated report published by Environment Analyst (EA) on ESG reporting progress across Environmental and Sustainability consultancies. This report provides an assessment of how global leading environmental & sustainability (E&S) consultancies are responding to the rapidly evolving climate and ESG disclosure landscape. The reported performance is based on public reporting and disclosure on E&S consultancy websites.

EA notes that many of the top 50 consultancies are lagging behind in their internal sustainability performance despite the fact that they are providing sustainability strategy and reporting services to their clients. This ultimately points to the complexities in ESG reporting and the evolution in this space as we are all learning and growing. EA note that industry ESG progress is hindered by a lack of transparency and consistency in terminology, carbon accounting methodologies and reporting standards. Inogen Alliance is listed as an “early adopter” with a large group of peers.

As an Alliance of 75 independent companies, the Inogen Alliance internal ESG strategy has an additional layer of complexity compared to our peers. We are not one company that can collect and report data, but 75 independent companies each with their own levels of growth and reporting within ESG and Sustainability. This does not preclude us from setting our own ESG goals, starting with our ESG Policy published in 2021 and our inaugral Inogen Alliance ESG annual report published in 2022. The scope of our current ESG Policy focuses on impacts driven by our collaborative engagements as an Alliance, primarily through the Alliance operations and meetings. To support development of a more robust ESG report, we are making incremental progress and collecting more data across the Alliance with our ESG subcommittee. From our inaugural ESG report we outlined three goals for the future including refinement, monitoring and evaluation of Inogen Alliance’s internal ESG initiatives; influencing and supporting ESG leadership within our Associate teams; and driving thought leadership in the ESG space. We are committed to becoming a global market leader in ESG consulting and are beginning to receive recognition in industry reports such as the latest by Verdantix where Inogen Alliance is included as a global ESG consultancy among other top peers in this space.

“The Alliance is committed to being a positive influence for ESG. We are in no doubt about the enormity of the challenges we face, but it is an extremely exciting time to be an EHS&S professional. I am very pleased to see the progress that the Alliance is making and reporting and to see the opportunities we have to advance our ESG journey in the coming years,” Alex Ferguson, Inogen Alliance ESG Committee and Inogen Alliance Board member, Group Managing Director Lucion Group / Delta Simons.

One of our main goals is to influence the 75 independent companies that are Associate members of the Alliance. By setting goals and aligning across our associate companies, we can make progress on our internal ESG initiatives, while at the same time delivering leading ESG services to our global clients. If we can set goals and make progress with this influence across our reach of 75 companies along with advising and influencing our multinational clients ESG progress that is a huge accomplishment and impact at a global scale.

“Our team members are probably the biggest driver for ESG progress, because they want us to be a more sustainable, diverse workforce, and want to be proud of working for the business.” Alex Ferguson commented within the report from EA on how ESG reporting relates back into each individual business within the Alliance.

Inogen Alliance is a global network made up of dozens of independent local businesses and over 5,000 consultants around the world who can help make your project a success. Our Associates collaborate closely to serve multinational corporations, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations, and we share knowledge and industry experience to provide the highest quality service to our clients. To learn more about collaboration opportunities with the Inogen Alliance, please visit our Associates or Contact Us. Watch for more News & Blog updates here and follow us on LinkedIn.