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environment analyst sustainability awards shortlist

St. Paul, 25 March, 2024 – Inogen Alliance, denxpert and HPC have been shortlisted for our ESG Pre Screening Tool in the Environment Analyst (EA) Sustainability Awards for the category of Digital Innovation: Recognizing products and services accelerating ESG goals through digital innovation. Environment Analyst's Sustainability Delivery Awards recognise ESG innovation, achievement and leadership, and celebrate those organisations who have made significant advances in progressing towards a sustainable transformation and achieving climate and net zero goals. Find the full shortlisted entries here.

We are also excited to announce two more Associates of Inogen Alliance who have been shortlisted for the 2024 EA Awards including Antea Group USA (Transformational Partnership award) and Tonkin + Taylor, New Zealand (Sustainability Impact, Creating Resilient & Sustainable Communities, and Transportation Project of the Year). 


The submission for Inogen Alliance, denxpert and HPC jointly is for our ESG Pre Screening Tool which launched in the fall of 2023. The content of the tool was created with the expertise of HPC AG and brought to life through the digital solutions developed by denxpert. This tool has been strategically marketed globally through Inogen Alliance, and can be found on our global resources page here.


The ESG Pre Screening Tool can support companies from all sectors and sizes in a rapid way in achieving their environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals. By improving the accessibility, transpar-ency, and comparability of ESG efforts, it enables a quick overview or “snapshot” of associat-ed ESG risks and areas for improvement. Our vision is to drive positive change in companies by promoting responsible business and sustainable practices among industry peers. The tool is free and available for anyone globally. Companies who submit the questionnaire automatically receive within minutes a free snapshot of their ESG performance indicating risks and opportunity areas including recommendations for improvement via email. The tool follows our global privacy policies so companies can be sure of the secure handling of their data.


We have been able to evaluate the ESG performance of at least 100 companies, in over 33 countries around the world, with positive user feedback. 

Thank you for the tool, it helped us to get an overview of the topics we need to invest more, our focus was more on the E part but we realized we needed to give more attention also to the S and G in ESG. This helped us to bring it to the discussion table with management,” – an international automotive client.


We look forward to the Awards Ceremony in Boston, Massachusets on 25, June, along with the Global Summit.


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