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vision 2045 inogen alliance

Inogen Alliance, a global network of Environment, Health & Safety, Sustainability and ESG consulting firms participates in Vision 2045 led by TBD Media Group in support of the United Nations and published on The Economist. The documentary series aims to inspire businesses and people to take collective action to ensure a better future for all. Inogen Alliance was selected as a representative of EHS, Sustainability and ESG consulting services globally emphasizing the importance of reducing environmental footprint and protecting the earth for the future generations through collaborative approaches to help businesses lead the way.

VISION 2045 is a ground-breaking series of documentary films produced in collaboration with The Economist. This campaign is a collection of interviews and documentaries that aim to support the UN and its objectives by inspiring businesses and people to take collective action to ensure a better future for all. It brings together experts, business leaders and government officials to address the core challenges facing our society and planet and how we can collectively work to overcome them. The campaign is a comprehensive program that focuses on several key areas, including renewable energy, circular economy, responsible consumption and production, and climate action.

"We believe that sustainability is not just a responsibility, but also an opportunity for businesses to create value and drive innovation," said Paolo Zanini, CEO of TBD Media Group. "Through the VISION 2045 campaign, we aim to demonstrate our commitment to sustainability and inspire others to join us in this journey towards a better future."

The mission of Inogen Alliance is to provide superior environmental, health, safety, and sustainability consulting expertise to global organizations. Making your global commitments a local reality showcases the ability of the Alliance to really understand the cultural nuances and regulatory environments at a local level for global clients. Collaboration is a theme across the film interviews highlighting the importance of collectively working towards this sustainable future.

As Angelique Dickson, President of Inogen Alliance states “At Inogen Alliance we believe that collaboration is fundamental to achieving the goals and ambitions that we feel are most important to creating a safer, cleaner, more sustainable world. Without collaboration and long term partnerships you don’t have trust or shared outcomes but when those goals become aligned it’s amazing what we can do.”

Main contents of the film include interviews with the below participants focusing on collaboration for a more sustainable future and how we are guiding our multinational clients with a focus on the APAC region.

Check out the film, bios of the interviewees and more behind-the-scenes on our website here.

About Inogen Alliance:

Inogen Alliance is a global network of environment, health, safety and sustainability consulting companies working together to provide one point of contact to guide multinational organizations to meet their global commitments locally.  With offices located on every continent, more than 6,000 associates worldwide, and projects completed in more than 150 countries, Inogen Alliance provides unparalleled local consulting expertise, global consistency and 20+ years of experience building a cleaner, safer and more sustainable future. Global Thinking. Local Delivery.

About TBD Media Group:
TBD Media Group is an international, purpose-driven media developer that helps businesses, organisations and governments tell their brand stories in a human and direct way. Learn more at

Interviews in the film include:

Angelique Dickson, President of Inogen Alliance; Richard Hancy, Executive Leader Tonkin + Taylor New Zealand; Lida Tan President of Anew Consulting China; Annika Taylor Sustainability Consultant Peter J. Ramsay & Associates Australia; Meehee Suk Partner IA Partners South Korea; Subba Rao CEO Chola MS Risk India; and Andrew Young Managing Director EnviroSolutions & Consulting Singapore.

Sponsoring Associates:

From the 75+ independent Associate companies that make up Inogen Alliance, this campaign was co-sponsored by Anew Global Consulting, Brown & Green Environmental Services, Chola MS Risk Services, ESD Group, EnviroSolutions & Consulting, IA Partners, Pacific Risk Advisors, Peter J. Ramsay & Associates, Propharm Japan, and Tonkin + Taylor all in the Asia-Pacific Region.


Media contact:

Kate Asleson

Marketing Director, Inogen Alliance

Kate [dot] asleson [at] inogenalliance [dot] com