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water remediation webinar

Join our global webinar on RemUVe®, a new technology for faster and more cost-efficient cleanup of pesticides and chlorinated solvents from drinking water. 

The RemUVe system is an advanced oxidation process created by a combination of energy from UV light and the addition of very small amounts of hydrogen peroxide. This mobile system can be used on existing wells, remediation systems, and drinking water facilities. The UV system has a unique reflection technique that lowers the energy consumption compared to traditional UV systems. It has been tested in Denmark with great success and is ready to launch globally.

RemUVe started with cooperation between DGE Group and InsaTech, on a project supported by the Danish Environmental Protection Agency, where they constructed a mobile purification unit to remediate chlorinated solvents and pesticide contaminants from groundwater and have been successful at multiple sites across Denmark.

Because the results from the RemUVe system have so promising for pesticides and chlorinated solvents – we obtained contaminant reductions to levels below the detection limits of commercial laboratories – we are ready to expand into removing other types of pollutants in additional settings.

Join our RemUVe experts on Wednesday, March 17, 2021 at 15:00 CET / 10am EDT and learn how the RemUVe system can save you time and decrease your project costs!