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checking regulation updates

As a global Alliance of Environment, Health and Safety and Sustainability companies we have the benefit of receiving and sharing local regulatory updates that impact global businesses. It's crucial to stay on top of these local regulations to ensure you stay compliant. In today's environment things can shift quickly and it's hard to maintain visibility globally as a single entity. Below we have updates from our Associate companies Antea Group Brasil, DGE in Denmark, and denxpert / Chola in India.

Brazil Regulatory Update

According to the publication ME nº1295 of the brazilian authorities, dated on 3 February  2021, the new Regulatory Norms nº1, nº7, nº9 and nº18, had its validity initiation extended  from 09 March 2021 to 02 August 2021. Therefore, authorities will require from the companies the PGR document starting on 02 august 2021.

It is important to say that the PGR also known as Risk Management Program, is the old PPRA - Environmental Risk Prevention Program, that is being changed by these regulatory norms listed below, as the ME nº1295 is mentioning.

Regulatory norms:

no. 01 - General Provisions and Occupational Risk Management;

no. 07 - Occupational Health Medical Control Program - PCMSO;

no. 09 - Evaluation and Control of Occupational Exposures to Physical, Chemical and Biological Agents;

no. 18 - Conditions of Safety and Health at Work in the Construction Industry.

Link: PORTARIA SEPRT/ME Nº 1.295, DE 2 DE FEVEREIRO DE 2021 - PORTARIA SEPRT/ME Nº 1.295, DE 2 DE FEVEREIRO DE 2021 - DOU - Imprensa Nacional (

If you need more information please contact Antea Group

India Regulatory Updates

  • OM dated: 28-01-2021: Issuance of Environmental Clearance for the API & Intermediates as single category instead of individual projects (
  • OM dated 28-01-2021:  Requirement of certification for consideration of proposals for expansion of distillery units for production of Ethanol intended for EBP under the provisions of S.O. 345(E) dated 17th Jan 2019 and S.O. 750(E) Feb 2020 ,category B2. (
  • S.O. 221 (E ) -18 Jan 2021: Extended the validity of environmental clearances for reducing the burden of the pandemic outbreak and resultant lockdowns (
  • Draft Notification- S.O. 121(E) -12 Jan 2021 ;Extent and boundaries of Eco Sensitive Zone- for Kishtwar High Altitude National Park, Surinsar Mansar Wildlife Sanctuary, Shikari Devi Wildlife Sanctuary, Eravikulam National Park, Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary, and Pambadum Shola National Park . (

Joint collaboration between denxpert digital solutions and Chola, for any questions.

Denmark Regulatory Update

The new Waste Notice will enter into force on 1 January 2021. Several of the changes will have an impact on builders, consultants, contractors, transporters and receiving plants.
Some of the major changes are that all construction projects, regardless of age (renovation, conversion, demolition), which carry more than 1 tonne of construction waste, must be screened and mapped for substances of concern.

Going forward, there will be screening and mapping of several substances of concern, such as PCBs, a number of heavy metals, asbestos, PAHs and chlorine paraffins. The intention of several of the amendments to the Waste Notice is to make the waste traceable, so that all declared waste is assigned a unique serial number to follow it up to the receiving plant.

In DGE we are updated in relation to the new rules, we can help in preparing screening and mapping, where material samples are taken for chemical analysis. A screening and mapping report is necessary to report the waste and to ensure the extent of substances of concern that need to be properly handled in the health and safety of the waste.

For more information contact DGE.

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