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Standards and expectations for providing healthy workplaces can vary around the globe. The acceptable indoor air quality or chemical exposure levels in your home country may not meet the minimum standards in another global office location. Additionally, various countries require local certification to assess and monitor industrial exposures to substance and environments that are potential harmful to personal health and well-being. Through Inogen Alliance, we are able to provide comprehensive sampling support for your global Industrial Hygiene program. This includes exposures such as: asbestos, noise, mold, nano particles, radiation, and risks associated with respiratory protection programs.

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Managing Hygiene Exposure According to Complex Regulations

Our industrial clients care about the health of their employees. Regulations regarding health exposure can be very different in each country and in any case it evolves very quickly. Thanks to Inogen Alliance, we help industries evaluate potential chemical and physical exposures and risks in their multiple sites around the globe. For an automotive industrial group we ran hygiene exposure monitoring and assessments in 100 different sites, and we delivered the data management solution so the client could efficiently improve the hygiene exposure of the workers.

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Cyril Pujol
Antea Group, France

Industrial Hygiene Support. Handled.

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Services include:

  • Workplace exposure risk management: standards, communication, monitoring, facility/risk assessments (noise, hazardous substances, chemical, physical, biological agents, radiation, other)
  • Asbestos
  • Bloodborne pathogens
  • Hearing conservation programs
  • IAQ monitoring
  • IH sampling / monitoring
  • Ionizing and Non-ionizing radiation
  • Mold
  • Nano particles
  • Respirator Protective Equipment programs
  • Risk Management
  • Occupation Health & Safety

Key Results:

  • Healthier and safer workplaces 
  • Decreased employee exposure to risks that could impact health and well-being
  • Cost-effective, local support to help meet local exposure limits
Industrial Hygiene Programs