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We are able to strategize and achieve goals to reduce environmental impacts with clients around the world using circular business model strategies, looking at carbon footprints, and understanding where it is reasonable to implement a zero waste to landfill strategy. With our network of global EHS consultants we can strategize at a global level to help companies identify how to divert more product and waste from landfills and reduce their impact on the environment with circular closed loop frameworks.

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Recycling and Organic Waste Strategies

Integral Consult implemented a very interesting project in Egypt. We Designed the waste collection system for a new city which is planned to host approximately 1 Million Inhabitants. For the first time in Egypt, the system was designed to segregate the waste from source where recyclables are separated from organic waste to enable recycling of the collected waste.

Amr Osama Abdel-Aziz
Amr Osama Abdel-Aziz
Integral, Egypt

Global Waste Reduction Strategies. Local Solutions.

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Services include:

  • Recycling / Zero Landfill vendor and price evaluation
  • Develop and implement global programs
  • Develop and implement site-specific procedures
  • Develop and provide employee training
  • Onsite collaborative optimization assessment
  • Reporting and disclosure (report, 3rd party disclosures, investors)
  • Solid waste stream mapping and recycling optimization strategy services
  • Supply chain and product analytics
  • Circularity

Key results:

  • Comprehensive lifecycle assessment of products
  • Reduced product and waste to landfills
Waste Reduction & Recycling