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nicolas pycke
Project Director in Contaminated Land
nicolas.pycke [at]

Where do you live, and where do your companies operate?

I live in Nantes (France), a city along the Loire River, not far from the Atlantic Coast. Nantes is 2hrs west of Paris by train. Antea France operates in 20 offices across France.

What is your location/geography known for?

Nantes is known as the city of Jules Verne, for its castle des” Ducs de Bretagne”, but also for its” Machines de l’Ile”. In the warehouses of the former shipyards in Nantes the machines were created by two artists. The designs intentionally feature visible mechanisms and aim to illustrate a combination of Jules Verne’s “invented worlds” and Leonardo di Vinci’s mechanical universe.

What is your background and role?

I am a project Director in Contaminated Land/Due Diligence with 20 years of experience in the industry, including 8 years in Melbourne (Australia). I joined Antea France in 2017, and the International Division of Antea France in 2018. My role is to provide support to French companies with international projects. This can include Environmental Phase 1/Phase 2 for Due Diligence but also remediation works. For this, I work a lot with Inogen partners.

How long have you been a part of Inogen Alliance and what value does Inogen bring to you as a member?

I have been working with Inogen partners since 2017. The Inogen Alliance allows Antea France to support French clients for international projects, would it be an acquisition, managing environmental issues in a local plant, or assessing environmental risks for a new project. The Inogen partners' knowledge of the local regulation and best practices, of how to liaise, and what to expect from local authorities is key for successful projects and repeat work. I enjoy calling Asia/Pacific in the morning, America in the afternoon, and Europe/Africa in between.  Working with different cultures and sharing technical practices and knowledge from around the world is one of the best rewards of my days.