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brazil inogen alliance meeting

Inogen Alliance has recorded a short documentary in Brazil and Argentina focusing on our local expertise in the Latin America region. The countries in Latin America are very diverse and include many indigenous populations making it crucial to have a deep understanding of local culture, nuances, regulations and how to do business in the region. 

Watch the film here.

The film focuses on our local expertise and Associate companies in the Latin America region, highlighting relevant challenges and opportunities. The film aims to inspire businesses and people to take collective action to ensure a better future for all.

latam filming

"The work that we are doing is important because Latin America is a region where the world will depend on for their food and energy in the future. We are growing as a global supplier for food... if that's not sustainable that's not going to last, and if that doesn't last, that's going to have an impact," Hilton Lucio, CEO Antea Brasil.

"As we face ever greater climate pressure, these problems will tend to increase so we have to think not only of the immediate solution for the development of a project that is due to open in the next months or next few years, but also what is the scenario five, ten, 15, 30 years down the line. As consultants we have to incorporate this into the planning process, into the design, and into the forecast models for future generations," Jose Dengo, Managing Partner CDG Costa Rica.

Interviews include: Hilton Lucio, CEO of Antea Brasil and Inogen Alliance board member; Thierry Decoud, Director at Greenco Argentina; Miguel Ego Aguirre, General Manager EAS Environment Peru; Jose Dengo, Managing Partner CDG Costa Rica; Araceli Carrasco, EHS Senior Consultant Tero Hub Mexico; Eduardo Conghos, Director Greenco Argentina, Ivan Angel, Senior Consultant CAO Consultores Colombia; and Carlos Dengo, CEO CDG Costa Rica.


LATAM filmingCheck out more of our short documentary films featuring our local experts across regions in Europe and Asia-Pacific and more on our YouTube channel here, or read more about each of them in detail for EMEA and APAC filming and behind the scenes. These films have also been featured in The Independent, CBS News, Gulf News and The Economist.


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