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Environmental Services

Global Thinking. Local Delivery.

There is a more urgent requirement to protect natural resources for future generations. From corporate leaders to facility managers wherever there are facility operations there needs to be understanding of their natural environments. 

The challenge is to navigate environmental regulations that are complex and unique to local conditions.

Each country’s regulatory paradigm is different. Trying to navigate the path from basic compliance to the management of a best-in-class global EHS program can be a logistical challenge met with confusion, delays, cultural struggles and unnecessary costs. Inogen Alliance has environmental consulting experts around the world in over 280 office locations that can help business and government decision-makers understand their environmental impact.

Local consultants across the globe crossing all industries

Inogen Alliance’s global network of environmental experts for the past 20 years have worked with multinational clients in diverse market sectors to understand and manage their environmental risks from planning their future growth, acquisition of new facilities, construction, operations, and decommissioning of assets. As all industries face critical sustainability challenges and a decline in resources, we work to support the innovators and businesses that are disrupting markets to operate sustainably and make a positive impact on our natural world. Our clients are supported with local consultants that speak the local language, understand the spirit and intent of the regulations and current enforcement, and leverage the power of the entire Inogen Alliance global knowledge base to implement cost-effective and impactful environmental strategies.

Inogen Alliance provides services that are both for routine activities such as compliance audits, air, water, and waste permits/authorization support, and environmental data collection and reporting to newer services such as watershed mapping to make decisions on how to improve the communities that provide water to industrial operations and their facilities. Our global experience crosses many industries including retail, technology, chemical, transportation, agriculture, energy, manufacturing, food & beverage, real estate and more. One contract with one of our associate companies unlocks the entire global network of Inogen Alliance with project teams ensuring a consistent quality assurance process for all global work.

Best-in-class global Environmental services