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We provide Environment, Health, Safety (EHS) and Sustainability staffing and resources on demand where and when your company needs it with our global coverage in 75+ countries. As you need flexibility through company growth, fill a gap during hiring, or specialized technical expertise our experts are ready to integrate and flex into your specific needs. Whether it is one day a week or a full-time role, our members are ready to support. We pride ourselves in strong integration with your culture and organization, while bringing expertise and experience from diverse industries.

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Quick Integration into Client Organizations

Thanks to Inogen Alliance we have been able to place several of our consultants in roles with Europe-wide responsibilities in world-leading multinational companies. Our strength is to quickly integrate into the client organization and deliver tangible results within a short period of time.

Jannis Faupel
Baden Consulting, Switzerland

Global EHS Staffing. Locally Delivered.

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We are different than a staffing agency; with access to over 6,000 Environmental, Health and Safety, and sustainability consultants worldwide we align the right level of technical expertise combined with personal characteristics that ensure successful integration into your organizational culture. Through our international network of EHS consultants we use our own resources to provide you with the right type of coverage and skills that are fully scalable and fully engaged. We provide junior level staff up to expert consultants to accommodate your needs. Our experts have in-country knowledge and experience while also leveraging our global Inogen Alliance network of expertise and continual learning.

We allow you to avoid the costly price of hiring and onboarding through using our talent on-demand embedded into your company. We take care of the logistics of local labor laws, payroll, taxes and any unique country specific requirements so you don’t have to. Our EHS professionals are dual language with English as the primary international language of business.

Services include:

  • Embedded talent with the right level of technical expertise and alignment with your organizational culture
  • Fully scalable to staff needs ranging from temporary EHS assignments to fully engaged staff on site
  • On demand globally where and when you need us

Key results:

  • Full coverage for any EHS resourcing needs globally at a local level
  • All logistics taken care of including local labor laws, payroll and taxes
EHS Talent Resourcing