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Health & Safety Consulting Services

With unparalleled global coverage.

From basic compliance to best-in-class global Health & Safety programs

Global Health & Safety (HS) leaders face daily challenges that come with being responsible for the diverse compliance obligations and general employee health and safety that arise from operating a multi-national company. The challenges are often rooted in proper identification of applicable global HS regulations and elevate to more abstract initiatives focused on the implementation of effective policies that preserve the health and wellbeing of employees, contractors and customers. Trying to navigate the path from basic compliance to the management of a best in class, global HS program can be a logistical challenge met with confusion, delays, cultural struggles and unnecessary costs.

We help clients avoid this struggle by leveraging the power of our global network of expert EHS consultants through a single point of contact. Our clients are greeted with local HS professionals that speak the local language, can navigate the local regulations, understand current enforcement, and leverage the power of the entire Inogen Alliance global knowledge base to cost effectively implement impactful and effective HS strategies.

Customized Health & Safety Approaches

Gone are the days of having individual policies and training content for a specific country. We harness the collective knowledge of over 6,000 EHS professionals that consistently work together on a daily basis to craft customized global health & safety strategies to meet our client’s unique goals and objectives. From low-risk office environments with global ergonomics assessments to pandemic planning or incident prevention programs at large chemical manufacturing facilities we offer customized approaches to your health and safety needs.

Our global industry experience includes a wide range with retail, technology, chemical, transportation, agriculture, energy, manufacturing, food & beverage, real estate and more. One contract with one of our associate firms unlocks the entire global network of Inogen Alliance with project teams ensuring a consistent quality assurance process for all global work. Follow the link below to view the contact information of all our Health and Safety Consultant associates.

Best-in-class global Health & Safety programs