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Inogen Alliance offers sustainable management solutions for remediation of contaminated sites which can improve both the community reputation and our client’s financial performance resulting in a competitive advantage. We use the latest comprehensive innovative tools to build environmental strategies that reduce our client companies’ footprint and sustainable management of resources and waste. A strategic and business approach result in lower environmental risks, protection of humans and the environment, improving our client’s reputation and business performance.

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Worldwide Best Practices

Our partnership in the Inogen Alliance with other environmental experts always enables us to bring the latest and worldwide best available practice and professional knowledge to our local projects.

per reimann
Per Reimann
DGE, Denmark

Sustainable Management Solutions, Where You Need Them.

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We assist companies through the process of building a conceptual site model that uses fit-for-purpose tools for site investigation resulting in focused remediation of sites with complex contamination including multiple and intermingled sources.  Our experience centers on leveraging local relationships and strong facilitation skills to work with environmental regulators using one point of local client contact to bring our global environmental consulting network to projects completed in over 150 countries. Simply said, we close sites worldwide, anywhere our client needs us.

We assess and manage liabilities during investigation and remediation of contaminated soil, vapor and groundwater at multiple sites worldwide helping our client understand the environmental, human health and business risk. Our experts are experienced with managing incidents associated with a wide range of contamination compounds, including PFAS, 1,4 dioxane, chlorinated solvents, metals, petroleum, pesticides and herbicides. We design remediation programs that couple a best-business approach to mitigate risks and ensure the site meets regulatory standards and is a safe place for employees, the public and the environment. Our expert team uses the latest innovative technology with teams and consisting of multiple scientific disciplines - engineers, hydrogeologists, geologists, geochemists, economists, environmental scientists, hazmat specialists and toxicologists.

Our team environmental expert teams bring local knowledge and a local trusted relationship with regulatory authorities and the public in the countries in which we operate. Our local presence is crucial as we use those local regulatory relationships, understanding of local and innovative data collection and remediation techniques to address contaminated sites quickly using local knowledge and the best team of global experts appropriate for the project.

Our services include:

  • Soil and groundwater investigations (Phase I and Phase II)
  • Development of site Conceptual Site Models and remedial strategies
  • Human and Environmental Risk Assessments
  • Innovative Remedial Design
  • Implementation, optimization, and monitoring of in-situ remediation systems
  • Soil disposal management
  • Cost modeling and legacy liability reserve development and support

Key results:

  • Sustainable and cost effective remedial and environmental restoration sites globally
  • Mitigate environmental and business risks for maintaining compliance and the client’s reputation
  • Efficient, locally knowledgeable, and focused international team of EHS experts through one point of client contact
  • Best business outcomes to extinguish legacy remediation liability
Investigation and Remediation of Soil and Groundwater Contamination